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Farm Fresh x gulf food 2024

Tasty Live Coverage


During the vibrant week of Gulf Food 2024 (19 - 23 Feb), Farm Fresh, alongside six GMG brands—Ruh, Al Seer, Sapora, La invitada, Klassic, Noor Al Islami—captivated attendees with an immersive media showcase.

Our dedicated content team was on the ground, delivering comprehensive event coverage through captivating storytelling and dynamic visual content. Each brand was highlighted through daily content ensuring every moment was captured. 


Live Content Coverage for 7 GMG Brands

  • Vertical Videos (Reels): 35 Videos

  • Short Vertical Content (Stories): 140 Videos 

  • Photo Content: 150 Photos

  • Timelapse: 4-day coverage 

  • Longform Content:

    • 60-second recap video 

    • 90-second recap video 

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