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Maestro Pizza X Skydive Dubai

Dare With Maestro


Maestro Pizza embarked on an exciting venture alongside its marketing agency, hrmny and SkyDive Dubai, taking the experience of indulging Maestro’s Piano Pizza to unprecedented altitudes. This campaign showcases an incredible stunt at an exhilarating altitude of 15,000 feet, where four skydivers descended from a plane, eating slices of the Piano Pizza mid-air.


The success of the campaign doesn't end with the heart-pounding stunt. Maestro Pizza has extended the excitement to its audience through a social media activation.


Maestro Pizza, alongside hrmny, has showcased out-of-the-box thinking and invited its audience to join them in this extraordinary journey to showcase its creativity through the Dare With Maestro social media activation.


  1. Campaign Conceptualization

  2. Storyboard Development 

  3. Content Production

  4. Social Media Management

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