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Mercedes-Benz, poised to open its new brand space in Dubai Design District, faced a unique challenge - to shift the focus from a traditional product-centric approach to a more experiential one. Mercedes-Benz challenged us to redefine the brand space as an immersive experience rather than merely a display of cars and after-sales services.

To address this challenge, our team devised a comprehensive strategy that unfolded across three main pillars: Art & Architecture, Fashion, and Culinary aspects.



Structured the showroom experience around three main pillars: Art and architecture, fashion, and culinary.


Created a cinematic experience during the opening, showcasing the brand space's diverse offerings in these three key areas.


Transformed the showroom into a dynamic space that transcends traditional automotive displays.


Generated anticipation and excitement through
 visually stunning content, setting the stage
for the brand center’s grand unveiling.


VFX Brand Space Reveal

Introduced a captivating VFX/CGI video
featuring the iconic G-Class pulling the cloth to unveil the brand center.



Our attention was directed towards capturing the nuanced and minimalist architectural elements within the space.


Open frame with part of the exterior showing the curvature of the building.

The camera goes down to show details of the water setup and moves left.

Transition to over the shoulder angle of a person drawing a tree outdoors.

The drawing will then mask (transition) into the actual tree being drawn - which are the trees planted outside.

The camera zooms through the tree, and the door to the brand center opens.

As the door opens, it is masked (transitioned) to where the pillars are in the brand center, and a model is walking from left to right behind the pillar.

The camera then transitions right where the model is in front of a different background of the brand center - e.g., the marble wall.

The marble wall is zoomed out, and the details of the reception table are shown.

The camera then moves up towards the lights and chandeliers and pans through the lights.

Ending shot: the focus then goes to the back side of the building, where we see the silhouette of the model walking across the door.



We directed our focus on the space intended for fashion shows, highlighting a close-up presentation featuring human elements against the backdrop of a car.


Open frame with a drone following the model in the previous teaser.

The model walks through a door where it will be a design studio where a designer is creating sketches of outfits with threads and sewing material on the table.

The drone then goes into the sketch and it will transition to the green room where now the model wearing the outfit that was sketched and now the designer is adjusting the outfit on her.

The drone is spun around the model and designer and flies to another section of the room where the other models are getting ready for the hair and makeup.

As the drone shows the hair and makeup the drone goes in a low angle and follows the models footsteps walking out of the room into doing the cat walk.

The drone slowly rises up into the silhouette of different models while the lighting is backlit while also showing the car lights in the townsquare of the brand center.


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